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Heritage Exploration

After building the world-renowned Rideau Canal UNESCO world heritage site, Scottish stonemasons stayed to create some of Canada’s oldest and prettiest towns. Evidence of their craft is seen in over 146 designated heritage properties and 13 museums throughout the county.

Downtown Exploration

The downtown core is one of the most iconic rural experiences you can have. When it comes to shopping and dining in Lanark County, we aim to please. Our four towns each offer visitors’ beautified streets, pedestrian amenities, patios, and district vibes. Our downtown cores have attracted many seasonal and Hallmark movie productions in recent years, providing unique opportunities for local businesses.


Lanark County experiences attract more than 1.4 million people a year. Tourism activity in the county is generally linked to maple experiences, outdoor activities, downtown and heritage exploration.


Lanark County is home to a vibrant and flourishing food and beverage sector producing numerous products, including craft beers and alcohol, kombucha, frozen baked goods, plant-based goods, confections, maple syrup products and more. As a result, the Agri-food sector has a more significant presence in Lanark than most other parts of the province. The Agri-food sector employed 3,725 people within Lanark in 2016, 17% of total employment.


The construction industry in Lanark County is thriving, evidenced by the sector’s growth and the increasing demand for residential and commercial buildings. The Construction of Buildings sector has seen a 12% increase in jobs, reflecting the ongoing demand driven by population growth. Our 3,835-strong workforce in construction is actively engaged in meeting these demands, showcasing the county’s capacity for growth and development.


Our healthcare industry remains a pivotal economic driver. Despite challenges such as the provincial shortage of personal support workers, Lanark County’s proactive approach has led to innovative solutions.

The Ambulatory Health Care Services and Nursing and Residential Care Facilities sectors, showing a growth of 3% each, exemplify our commitment to robust healthcare infrastructure and workforce, maintaining our high quality of life and meeting the healthcare needs of our community.


Lanark County’s manufacturing sector continues to be a cornerstone of our economic landscape. With the rise in sectors like Beverage and Tobacco Product Manufacturing, which has seen an impressive 77% job growth, our manufacturing scene is not just diverse but also dynamic. This growth, coupled with our strong foundation of 62 businesses employing over 2,590 people, reflects our adaptability and innovation. The county’s high concentration of workers in STEM fields (28.83%) continues to fuel our rapid adoption of Industry 4.0, driving ongoing innovation within the manufacturing sector.

Ecological Features

Our distinct region also presents a combination of ecological features that offer an incredibly diverse growth area for native plant species, attracting various birds and wildlife. The county is also home to 47 provincially significant wetlands. Residents and visitors enjoy cycling and paddling through these breathtaking natural vistas.


From the Rideau Canal World Heritage Site to Canada’s Mississippi, Lanark County is home to over 100 lakes, rivers, waterfalls, and beaches that speckle the landscape. Lanark County is a remarkably distinct region within the Frontenac Axis, where the Canadian Shield meets the Limestone Plains. This distinctive landscape creates a Terroir that provides a delectable, unique Lanark County flavour to our maple syrup.

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