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Human Resource Development Information Event

April 17, 2024

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1:30 pm

Hosted by the Canadian Career Academy

The Canadian Career Academy’s Employment Resource Center is hosting a useful information meeting with 3 organizations that all have a role to play in human resources. It is clear that we are operating in changing times and that staffing issues are front and center with many. Government regulations can be intimidating. Just becoming aware of the many rules and opportunities can be difficult.

We have organized this IN PERSON session simply because many can be frustrated with the never ending website links and simply not knowing what to ask.  Not even knowing where to start is frustrating for many.

SERVICE CANADA:     Sandra Luty will be presenting on the various programs and services that Service Canada offers both for employers, staff and the general public, all in supporting labour force development. She will be able to explain the role of Service Canada and the benefits that are on offer in your staff development. Employers may have conflicting information, don’t know where to find information, etc. Sandra will help guide you along that path. Sandra is based in Lanark County and readily available.

Immigration Refugee Citizenship Canada.  IRCC Outreach Officers Nadia Faggiani and Scott Felman will present an overview of Canada’s temporary and permanent economic immigration programs. Businesses are increasingly faced with challenges and opportunities in hiring foreign workers. This session will offer immigration resources for Canadian employers, and information on global talent recruitment. Nadia and Scott are based in Ottawa.

LANARK COUNTY SETTLEMENT PROJECT:  Linda Alexander is a new and welcome resource, working with the Counties of Lanark/Renfrew in an evolving project to attract and help retain newcomers in our rural area. With this expanding labour force, Linda is providing free hands-on assistance to both newcomers and employers. Most newcomers have obstacles that impede their ability to establish themselves in our communities. Language skills, housing and transportation are just a few of the challenges. Linda can speak to experiences and best practices. She offers direct personal help to all… job seekers and employers. Employers will benefit by understanding the needs and supports available.

Linda is based in Lanark County serving both Lanark and Renfrew Counties.

Reserve your seat for this event, please call  613-257-3237  Or email to