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Payroll 101

July 24, 2023

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Hosted by: Small Business Advisory Centre (Smiths Falls/Lanark County/north Leeds Grenville)

Speaker: Kristine Gray is the Managing Director at Brightly Bookkeeping Inc.. She is a Certified Bookkeeper and Payroll Specialist. Kristine is passionate about continuous improvement of services, and keeping up-to-date with emerging accounting technologies. She leads her team by putting an emphasis on employee development, coaching, and self-care.

This webinar will provide small businesses with a basic understanding of Ontario based payroll legislation, compliance, and best practices.

We will guide you through payroll processes, including:

Onboarding Staff

o   Tax forms and other employee submissions

o   Determining if a worker is an employee or self-employed

o   Determining the province/territory of employment

Getting Payroll Set-up

o   Pay periods, source deductions and remittances

o   Vacation pay, statutory holiday pay, and overtime

o   Minimum wage requirements

o   Pay stubs, and T4 slips