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Governance & ONCA Compliance for Not-For-Profits Workshop

February 29, 2024

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9 am – Welcome and Introductions

Board Governance

In this workshop we will explore the rights, duties, liabilities, and relationships of members, directors, and officers. We will also explore different ways to structure membership and Boards. The presentation will be followed by an open-ended discussion in which participants will be invited to ask questions and share their concerns.

Key Learning:

· Formal and informal roles in corporate governance

· Members rights, obligations and membership models

· Directors duties, rights and board models

· Officer’s rights, duties and structures

· Governance trade-offs


Bringing Your Governing Documents In Line With ONCA

In this working session, participants will work through their bylaws and letters patent and a special workbook to identify what they might want or need to change in order to comply with ONCA.

Preparation: Registered participants are advised to review their governing documents ahead of time to be somewhat familiar with the layout and content. Participants must bring a digital or physical copy of their bylaws and (preferably) letters patent.

Participants will be emailed a short questionnaire in order to prepare for the session. A workbook will be provided.

12 pm – Lunch

1 pm – Bringing Your Governing Documents In Line With ONCA, continued

3 pm – Wrap up, thank you, adjourn

Presenter: Benjamin Miller, Non-Profit Law Ontario.

This event is jointly hosted by Valley Heartland CFDC and Community Futures Grenville.

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