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Selling Your Food Product to Independent Retailers

March 14, 2024

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9:30 am

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Speaker: Nicole Haney quit her corporate job in 2015 to start a health food bakery and in just 4 years, she scaled a tiny farmer’s market bakery to a national energy bar business serving hundreds of retailers across Canada, including grocery store chains. In 2019, she was named Top 20 Under 40 for her business accomplishments. Having built a six figure national brand, Nicole is now a Business Coach, Speaker, and Professor and is incredibly passionate about helping others embrace their dreams and pursue their goals.

Date/Time: March 14th/24 9:30 am to 10:30 am

Free webinar (3rd of 5 food biz webinars)

Selling Your Food Product to Independent Retailers

Are you struggling to get retailers to bring your product into their store? You know you have a great product and your customers love it. But when you approach retailers, you’re just not hearing back from them.

In this session, Nicole guides us through the process of selling your food products to independent retailers. In this session you’ll learn things like how to approach retailers, how to answer their questions, and the one thing you can do that will significantly improve your success rate when selling to retailers.


-How to think like a retailer

-The questions retailers will ask you (and how to answer them!)

-Why your emails to retailers are going unanswered

-How to build a relationship with the retailer that results in a sale

-The one thing you can do to significantly improve your success rate

-Incentives you can offer to secure the deal